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Thinking all over again with Reading escorts

Ever since I came across Reading escorts web sites in, I have dreamed about dating a Reading escort. There is just something special about them. Whenever I check them out online, I think that they are the perfect combination of sexiness and sophistication, and I often make up my own fantasy dates with Reading escorts. Maybe I will never date Reading escorts, but I am certainly dreaming of my fantasy dates with some of the girls. To be honest I have even downloaded photos of my favorite girls in Reading, and sometimes I just sit there and look at them. They are just so sexy!

My dream date with a Reading escort would start at a nice restaurant. It would have to be a very special girl, and she would have to come from one of the VIP Reading escorts agency. She would just have to be perfect, and I know exactly what I would want her to wear. As a matter of fact, I think I would have to buy her outfit so that she could just look how I imagine her in my dreams. It is really important to get the look right as this is such a big part of my fantasy.

One thing I would leave up to the escort is the lingerie. All of the Reading escorts that I have come across online seem to have really exciting lingerie. I wouldn’t know where to buy that so I would leave it up to the girl. There is only one thing that I would stipulate. It would have to be black and I would need her to wear stockings. Stockings really turn me on and I get excited just thinking about them. Knowing that they are under that lovely outfit would turn me on massively. A hint of stocking tops even better.

I don’t know if I would fancy a blonde or brunette. In the past I have dated a lot of blondes and have had a great time with them. Thinking about it, I think that I would treat myself to a smart brunette. All of my friends who have dated brunettes say that they can be really fun to be with, and they are more broad minded as well. I have noticed that most of the agencies in Reading offer hot brunettes as well as blondes, but I think that my dream date may have to be a brunette.

After dinner we would go back to my  hotel for dessert. I would have to make special arrangements for the girl back at the hotel as I have special desserts in mind. Playing with food can be a great deal of fun, so I think that I would let this round off our evening. The hotel would have to lay on a special spread of exotic treats for me and my new friend from Reading to share. We might even want to indulge ourselves with a nice spa bath as well, and only the best bubble bath and champagne would have to do.

Best Sex Positions for a Man with a Small Penis

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that the bigger the better especially with penises, portion sizes, and even hair. In any case, the idea that bigger always better is false, particularly with regards to the male genitalia. In truth, it isn’t necessarily size that is the most important, but how you put your penis to use is more important. In any case, there are a few positions that are particularly appropriate for different sizes of penises, especially for guys with small penises. Below are the best sex positions for men with small penises.

1. Butterfly
This style is accomplished with the lady resting on the bed or table, and then you approach her while standing. Ensure your groin is situated marginally higher than that of the lady regardless of whether it means altering with a household item. Squat down and enter her. Have her gradually lift up her legs each in turn at that point lay her lower legs on your shoulders. Her hips should climb a few creeps into the air at that point bolster her by measuring her hips or butt. To make this much more tightly, get her lower legs in your grasp and if conceivable, use cushions under her hips for a superior plot for both your bodies.

2. X Marks the Spot
This style is a great variety of the butterfly. Have the lady rests on the table or bed with her pelvis situated at a similar stature as yours. Enter her enabling her to bring her advantages noticeable all around. Get some influence by clutching her shins. The demonstration of folding her legs makes her unbelievably tight particularly if your penis has a little circumference. With both your pelvis at a similar stature, the profundity is augmented bringing about record-breaking sex notwithstanding for the person with a little penis.

3. Tighter Doggy Style
This appears to be regular to the vast majority however this is the means by which it goes at any rate. Get down on your knees and enter her from behind with her too on her hands and knees. The subsequent fit is so tight your lady will always remember the happiness. This variant of this style is incredible regardless of the penis size on the grounds that both of you are calculated to enable you to hit the G-spot. Since it is so close to the vaginal passageway, shallow infiltrations will do the wonder.

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